SAM Makes Complex Pump Operations Simple

SAM manages your water flow, so you can focus on the fireground, not the side of your truck. The first five minutes are stressful. Let SAM assist. With a few swipes on the screen, tell SAM what lines to open with their set pressure. SAM will take care of the rest.

What was once impossible, is now possible with SAM.

  • SAM helps you get water to your crew quickly
  • SAM provides freedom on the fireground
  • SAM has your back

SAM Transforms Traditional Pump Operations

SAM is an integrated total water control system that manages your truck’s pump, tank, intakes and discharges. The SAM system replaces your pressure governor and takes care of opening and closing valves based on operator settings. Now you can have all your pump controls in a 10″ touch-screen display.

Get Water to Your Initial Attack Crew Quickly

The saved presets in the SAM interface allow pump operators to set discharge pressures fast. Even before charging lines, the system automatically opens the tank to pump valve so water is in the pump and it’s ready to go.

With one swipe, SAM:

  • Charges first line to preset pressures
  • Maintains set pressures for each discharge


  • Supercharge your productivity on the fireground
  • Focus on your crew and critical fireground tasks
  • Forget about manual valve feathering
  • Locate hydrant and pull LDH
  • Pull another line
  • Take a fan to the door & more!

Quickly Establish Your Water Source

Transitioning to a hydrant while supplying water to the attack crew can be tricky. SAM takes care of this transition, controlling engine speed during the process to keep water flowing smoothly without disruption.

With one swipe of an intake, SAM:

  • Bleeds your LDH
  • Opens intake
  • Closes the tank-to-pump


  • Minimize water disruption to your crew during transition
  • Do other tasks while SAM transitions to hydrant

Keep Water Flowing

SAM manages multiple lines at different pressures and maintains set pressures. It also monitors intake pressure too and switches back to tank if there are any interruptions in supply. After water supply is established, the system automatically refills the tank so it is always full. If there is an issue with the water supply, SAM will switch back to tank and alert the operator so the issue can be addressed.

SAM will:

  • Maintain set pressure on all active lines
  • Re-fill the tank
  • Monitors intake pressure and switches to tank if intake is lost
  • Keeps the pump cool
  • Alert you if there is a problem with water flow or equipment


  • Focus on your crew and the fireground
  • Let SAM react faster than you can to correct problems
  • Relax. SAM has your back.

SAM Gives You Freedom on the Fireground

With optional multiple control centers or a wireless tablet, maintain visual contact with the crew.


  • Pump from a safe location
  • Reduce your chances missing a call for water when radio chatter is excessive
  • Move on to other critical tasks


SAM not only provides ease of operations for the pump operator but it allows them to provide additional operations on the scene. The consistent water pressure on attack lines allows the firefighters to concentrate on the fire attack, by not fighting the line during the operation.

- Brian Shepherd | Captain and Co-Chair of the Truck Committee, Maryland Heights Fire Protection District, Maryland Heights Fire Protection District

"Because it has presets, because it does some of the work for you, it allows for you to not have to perform all the manual operations that you did in the past. Therefore, you’re getting water faster on the fire."

- Mike Arras | Deputy Fire Chief, St. Louis FD

"The SAM system is really going to change the way that a truck operator functions on the fireground. It’s going to make his job easier, it’s going to make the crew safer, and it’s going to allow you to get more work done in a short period of time."

- Jason Cerrano | 19-year Veteran Firefighter, Inventor of SAM

Can I trust SAM to have my back?

Let SAM help with these common fireground challenges:

  • Interrupted water flow from operator errors
  • Pressure spikes on handlines
  • Water supply problems due to loss of hydrant pressure or cavitation
  • Miscommunications or excessive radio traffic issues when water is needed
  • Not enough crew to respond to calls
  • Rotating pump operators not as familiar with the truck

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